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We have recently added a few new features to Buying Houses. Now we are offering to buy houses that are over leveraged, or where the mortgage loan is bigger than the value of the house. We even will buy for cash houses that are in foreclosure or about to be in foreclosure. Most recently we have offered to place a free advertisement on the Internet for the house you no longer want and want to sell fast and also offer the opportunity to have your house listed in the MLS and on for $295. In addition we have assembled some of the more common terms used in the creative sale of houses which is on the Definition Page of this Site. We want to be able to find everything yhou need in one place to make one of the most important decisions in your life.

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Why Sell My House to Someone Who Won’t Be Living There?

Actually we are living in a house that we originally expected to be an investment. But that has only happened twice in two decades and the real issue is we are buying your house like other people buy stocks and bonds. It is an investment and we will rent it, or fix it and sell it, or fix it and rent it and then maybe sell it some day. And if the object is to sell your house we probably can buy it faster than if you put it in the MLS or put an ad on the Internet. But, we will to put it on the Internet for free or list it in MLS for $295 for a six month listing, if you wish.

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To Sell Your House FAST: call 727 251 5323 my cell phone,

800 505 3205 toll free 24 hours message, or CLICK HERE

Maryan Reveals Home Buyers “Dirty Little Secret”

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Listen to the Folks who Have Already Sold Us a house

To Sell Your House FAST: call 727 251 5323 my cell phone,

800 505 3205 toll free 24 hours message, or CLICK HERE