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Insider Secrets on How to Sell Your House Fast

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Selling houses fast for more money may be easier if you

visit cybernetics to examine the Law of Requisite Variety.

Immediately some people

are going to say that the best use of cybernetics in selling houses is to put an ad on Craigslist or And, of course, those are good and effective ideas.
But cybernetics is more, the science of how people, machines, and animals control and exchange information. From that science came the Law of Requisite Variety. And according to W. Ross Ashby, who introduced the concept of the law, said it applies to a “wealth of possible applications.” Why not the process of selling a house fast?
Basically the Law of Requisite Variety holds that in any system (the process of selling a house) of people or machines the element in the system (buyer, seller, lender, or appraiser) with the widest range of variety will be the controlling element (deal maker). And logically, the element with the least variety, if depended upon, will retard or strangle change (the sale).
For example, look at the “old days,” when A wanted to sell a house to B and B said, “Pay me $10,000 if you want the house. I won’t take a penny less.”

Assuming B, being equally

uninformed of the Law of Requisite Variety, says “I won’t pay a penny more than $8,000.”
For a sale to spring from this impasse requires “variety” from at least one side, assuming A really wants to sell and B really wants to buy.

Perhaps the most meaningful

endeavor at this time is finding what each side really wants. The seller wants a sale price of $10,000 and the buyer has only $8,000 in cash and has dependable income, which could be $5,000 now and payments to the seller from the buyer of $100 a month for 50 months.
That is not a recommendation of the end of the negotiations, but a suggestion that variety in thought and an examination of the needs of both parties may help both get what they really want

Owner finance sales

today can easily pay the seller three times as much income as selling for cash and putting the cash in the bank. Conversely, while bank interest is low, the banks’ variety, in approving loans is at a low and it is estimated less than 19 per cent of the U. S. population can get bank loan to buy a house.
Banks, appraisers, loan originators and real estate agents are not needed for a real estate sale. However, for anyone selling or buying a house for the first hundred times or so, the services of a real estate attorney are absolutely required and the closing services of an attorney or title company.
While negotiating to the finish and eating “me spinach” are all workable parameters Popeye’s determination to maintain the status quo “I yam what I yam” will keep him either “living in a garbage can” or with a home he no longer needs, depending if Sailor Man is potential buyer or seller

Today, more often than

not, it is the bank or the appraiser who is the element with no variety. And as in the “old days,” you do not need a bank or an appraiser to sell a house. The seller knows what he wants. And with a little honest self examination he can determine his true needs.
He may need to move quickly for good job in San Diego. He may have lost a job and need to get rid of the monthly payments. House may be in foreclosure and he wants ‘out.’ Hardly ever is the need for a bundle of cash she can put in the bank at 1.5 per cent?

Owner financing today

can easily pay the seller three times as much income as selling for cash an putting the money in the bank. Conversely, while bank interest is low, the banks’ variety, in approving loans is at a low and it is estimated less than 19 per cent of the U. S. population can get bank financing to buy a house.
Banks, appraisers, loan originators and real estate agents are not essential for a real estate sale. However, for anyone selling or buying a house for the first hundred times or so, the services of a real estate attorney are absolutely required. For the closing and title search, as well, professional services of an attorney and title company are de rigueur.
And as long as you are looking for the parts in the sale process to have variety, look to attorneys and title companies that are knowledgeable enough to also consider the Law of Requisite Variety.

Selling your house fast for top dollar gets easier using

the teachings of Jesus. Maybe this is especially pertinent

at this time of the year.

Of course, it is expected that there will be those who believe His teachings were not designed to make your life better, but I disagree. It was exactly to help you live a better life that he sacrificed his.

And let’s face it there are times when you need to sell a house fast to live a better life: Great new job half a continent away available NOW! Divorce and you both want to get on with your separate lives NOW! Job changes make the house unaffordable and you have to downsize NOW!

Without a doubt selling your house with you as the bank, cutting out the bank as the bottleneck of the sale, is the fastest way to sell and for the most money.

Boot the Bank Out!

This was popular during the hyperinflation during the Presidency of Jimmy Carter, when interest rates were hovering around 20 per cent.

At that time people wanting to sell had to “carry back” a mortgage because almost no one could qualify for a loan with 20 per cent interest.

While today “interest rates” are low, it is again true that almost no one can get a loan. Estimates run to something life less than one in five can get back financing to buy a home today.

You Know What She Tells You!

Owner financing or seller financing take the bank out of the picture. To sell a house the traditional way, you hire a real estate agent, who finds a buyer, who goes to the bank, who checks their financials in a time when everyone has bad credit, and hires at your expense an appraiser who has seen his buddies penalized for appraising homes at too high a price . . . and at “closing” the bank tells the buyer “no”, and the buyer tells the real estate agent “no,” and you know what the Realtor tells you.

Simply taking the bank out of the loop, also pretty much takes the real estate agent out of the loop and you are the person holding the note and the collateral is your house and you know what it is worth. The real estate agent is gone because you can go to and advertise a home for sale without bank qualifying and people will line up to buy. And the price is whatever you and the buyer agree on.

Without a doubt, anyone you ask will tell you owner finance is CRAZY and that the person buying your house will not make the monthly payments and it will be a NIGHTMARE for you.

I’ve Heard that Song Before

This line of thought is always on my mind because I hear a lot of people say almost the exact words time and again. “I just want to sell.” “I want to be out of the house completely.” “I do not want to be involved with the house.” “I want to sell and put my money somewhere safe, like the stock market.”

But recently when a buddy who is not in real estate and is rich and very smart told me about his efforts to sell a condo in Florida, it really hit home. And I was reminded of the teaching of Jesus, as reported to us in John 8:32, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

The truth is there is a risk in selling and holding a mortgage. Bad things will happen if you do it often enough. And the truth is bad things may happen the first and only time you sell a house that way. But, the truth is bad things may not happen and my experience is there are a lot more times it works than when it doesn’t. The risk of seller financing has been increased substantially with the seller finance provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act becoming effective in January, 2014.

Is a 25% Loss in One Day Better?

And, the truth is that on one Monday in 1987, the stock market lost 25 per cent of its value in one day. The truth is that any place you invest money from selling a house has risk, whether it is stocks, a franchise, rare wine or baseball cards.

So the truth is that for the person faced with trying to sell a house they no longer want, there are options. Renting is one and selling with owner financing is another. They both involve using an asset that you have and know in a way to make a profit.

Like buying stocks or taming tigers, the more you know about seller finance or renting a house and the more precautions you employ the better you are likely to do.

Knowing the Truth Ain’t Easy, but It Is Important!

Hire a board certified real estate attorney who is familiar with creative real estate, talk to people who have done this successfully and make an informed decision.

You may decide, for anyone of a number of personal reasons, you would just as soon let the house sit vacant on the market until something changes and it finally sells. The truth is it costs money to sit, in continuing expenses and lost income. Doing nothing is a decision and a costly one.

But the truth is you need to have an open mind, gather as much informed knowledge as you can and make an informed decision.

Know the truth about yourself and know the truth about the relative risks. Truthfully examine your goals and obligations. And that truth, may even sell the house you need to sell fast!

Do NOT Sell With Owner Financing Until You Read This

How to Sell House, Home, Rental, Estate House Fast

to the “We Buy Houses” Guys and Gals with Safely

If all of a sudden you seeing little yellow signs and big billboards that say, “We Will Buy Your House” you probably need to sell a house fast and may wonder who are these guys and can they help me.

The signs have been around for 30 years, but people only see things of immediate importance to them. While anyone can buy and sell houses fast in the United States most folks only buy the house they expect to live in.

Buying houses and not living in them—as a business, really started to take off when a number of seminar speakers crossed the county selling training in buying and selling homes fast as a business.

You can expect a number of these people to be skilled, honest professionals and others not so skilled and some— you want to avoid.

Bottom line! Some of these people can in fact help you sell a house quickly, often in days, and solve problems. Others, I have found, will not even answer the phone or call you back. I have found that this reluctance to follow up on a lead happens in a number of areas in sales.

So the first thing I would suggest in selecting a House Buyer . . .Read More

Check The Home Buyer Out Better Than He Checks You!

Imploding housing prices and a mortgage mess are driving more people to sell their houses to the professional home buyers.

While they promise a fast sale and you can get on with your life, you’ve got to be asking just how safe it this?

In the first article we suggested at a minimum, find out if they return phone calls and actually show up for the appointment on time. If they can’t do something that simple, figure they will screw up buying your house as well. But there is more.

And four simple searches on will tell you a lot more about whether you want to deal with this guy (or gal) or not.

First, just do a simple Google search of the person’s name . . .Read More

You Better Check the Fine Print!

Selling your house fast in this market is a real accomplishment and sometimes those guys with the signs that say “we buy houses” that you now see everywhere can give you the help you need.

So far in this series I have confessed that I am one of those guys and have been for two decades and have offered some suggestions on how to see if you are dealing with someone dependable. That’s a good start and you need more.

Even if the guy or gal you are looking to sell your house too shows up on time, has a long record of buying houses and has never been on the wrong e3nd of a law suit, you need to make sure the contract details are what you think they are.

Lots of our advertisements say “Real People who Really Buy Houses.” What that is getting at is that some of the folks that say they want to buy your house, don’t really “buy” houses. , , Read More

. . .And You Can Do IT Yourself!

If you really need to sell a house fast, especially now, it may look as difficult as brain surgery or winning the lottery. Actually it is as simple as four little letters, A. I. D. A., and you can do it yourself. You can, but you may not want to. Let’s see!

A.I.D.A. is a staple of the advertising industry and it tells how to sell everything from executive jets to flats to let. It means Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Attention, and the first thing you must do to sell your house fast yourself it to get the attention of someone who can be interested in buying your house and has the ability to make the purchase.

Frankly that is easy today and cheap. Craigslist will put your house that is for sale in front of a gazillion people, many of which have the means to make the purchase and the cost of the ad is your time to put the listing on the site. . . . Read More

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